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  1. Two-passport size photograph of applicant, co-applicant, and GPA Holder
  2. Age, address, identity, signature proof for applicant/co-applicant/GPA holder
  3. GPA has to be attested from Indian embassy for customer signature and to be
  4. Notarized locally for GPA holders signature
  5. Academic Qualification proof
  6. HR email address and applicant official and personal E-Mail address
  7. Work permit, Copy of Passport and Visa
  8. Last 3 years employment continuity proof
  9. Copy of the appointment letter with Latest CTC
  10. Latest six month NRE/NRO bank statement & Salary credit bank statement with 6
  11. Salary credits
  12. GPA Relationship proof.
  13. Property Details
  14. Property should be insured for SBA value for fire and earth quake or natural calamities